red Iron Mountain Engine 1

Apparatus is the term used in the fire service for the equipment that responds to assist citizens in their time of need.

Apparatus has come from hand-drawn, hand operated pumpers with bucket brigades in the late 1700s thru horse-drawn steam apparatus in the 1800,s to today's state of the art apparatus.

Fire apparatus are classified according to the function for which they were designed. The two most common pieces of apparatus are the "fire engine" and the "fire truck".

Fire engines are also known as pumpers. Fire engines have the ability to "pump" water at pressures required to create sufficient fire streams. Engines carry the various tools, hoses, equipment and water needed to make the initial rescue or attack on any fire.

Fire trucks are also known as hook& ladder trucks. Fire trucks carry large numbers of ladders and pike poles (hooks). The "truck" company assists the engine crew in rescue,ventilation and opening-up to find hidden fires.