Anyone who has an email account or a mobile phone/pager that can receive alphanumeric text messages can use this system.

On the Notify Me subscription page sign up your mobile phone to lists marked as WISE Alert lists only. They are designed to be brief and formatted for mobile phone screens. Other email lists are too lengthy, contain web formatting, and will be difficult to read on mobile phone screens.

For WISE Alert lists you will use your ten digit mobile phone number followed by your carrier's SMS email address as the email address to enter in the box on the Notify Me subscription page. Example:

Please contact your wireless service provider to get the proper email address before proceeding. We suggest also testing your carrier address before signing up. You will need to agree to the Disclaimer when subscribing to any lists.

To test your mobile phone

Send yourself an email from your email program. Make sure your software is set to send plain text email first. Send your email to your 10 digit phone number plus your email address from your service provider as stated above.

Please note, that you may be required to upgrade your wireless mobile phone to receive mobile text messages. Some carriers charge their customers to receive each text message. The City of Iron Mountain does not assume any responsibility for costs charged to you by your carrier. You will need the proper SMS email address from your carrier to use the service. Please read the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for more information.


Want to receive the WISE Alerts to both mobile phone and email? Simply sign up twice, once with your regular email address and once with your mobile phone information!

Getting started is simple

Registration takes only a few minutes:

  • Sign up for SMS notices on the Notify Me page
  • Enter your ten digit mobile phone number plus your carrier's text email address
  • Choose the WISE Alerts notices you would like to subscribe to.

You are ready to receive alerts in the event of an emergency.

Proceed to registration page