Garbage Collection

The City contracts out garbage collection with Great American Disposal Co. Rules for garbage collections are negotiated by contractual agreement with Great American Disposal and may change from time to time based on contract renewal. Current garbage collection rules for residents: 


Garbage charges are split between a property assessment on taxes and a commodity charge billed on all active bi-monthly water bills. Residents without water service are billed separately for garbage through the water department. Garbage fees are standard on all active accounts for residents and cannot be waived individually based on utilization of the service. 

Frequency of Collections

Refuse shall be collected from each home paying the garbage fee on an active water bill account on a once per week basis. GAD will notify the City Manager of collections in lieu of holidays or severe weather.

Hours of Collection

Collection of refuse shall not commence any earlier than 6:00 am.

Community Responsibilities

The City and its residents will be required to place the refuse in an area which allows clear and unobstructed collection by GAD collection crews. In the event that refuse is not placed in such a manner, GAD will not be responsible for picking up the refuse. This includes, but is not limited to, clearing sidewalks and alleys of ice and snow, removing debris or other material that may limit collection.

Types and Quantity of Waste to be Collected

City ordinance requires that refuse and bagged garbage be placed in trash cans with handles not to exceed 32 gallons or 50 pounds per container.

GAD will collect all landfill approved general residential and commercial waste placed out for collection. Collection of commercial waste will be limited to three-quarter (3/4) cubic yards per stop per week, or a maximum of seven (7) thirty (30) gallon containers, in containers not exceeding fifty (50) pounds per container. GAD will not be required to collect and dump fifty-five (55) gallon drums, nor other containers not specifically designed for residential or commercial refuse use. Moreover, GAD will not be responsible to collect abandoned motor vehicles, septic tank waste, liquid waste in excessive quantities, sewage, sludge, toxic or hazardous waste (paint cans, chemicals etc), demolition debris, batteries, vehicle tires, large furniture, or white goods (washing machines, refrigerators ect), which according to existing or future laws or regulations require special handling. GAD will not be required to clean up debris which it did not cause, but will make every effort to collect all allowable materials left at the curb or alley in an orderly fashion.

Annual Special Waste Drop-Off

Each spring the City will provide a free drop-off location for citizens to bring large items and other waste not collected street-side. Residents will be notified via public media (newspaper) and on the City's website for days and materials accepted. See our website.

Hazardous Waste Drop-Off

A separate drop off is provided free of charge for hazardous waste at the Solid Waste Facility located in Quinnesec. Hours are limited to the second Tuesdays of each month for one hour between 9am and 10am only. Users must show proof of residency in Dickinson County. List of acceptable hazardous waste (PDF).

Handicap Residential Pick-Up

Special accommodation can be arranged on a case per case basis with the City Manager's authorization for residents that cannot place their residential refuse out at the street or alley due to a documented disease or handicap condition. Contact the City Manager's office for arrangements.

Holiday Pick Up

In advance of a holiday, GAD will notify the City of the pending schedule for refuse collection. The City will provide notice via the City website for alternative collection days or times.


Routes are established by Great American Disposal. Please call GAD for more information relating to days and time of your pickup. (GAD 774-9006)