Rental Housing

Chapter 10 Article IV of the Iron Mountain City Ordinance is designed to promote the continuing maintenance and quality of safe rental properties and to enhance and maintain property values throughout the city.

All structures being let, rented, or leased are required to be registered and inspected to ensure compliance with this Code before they may be occupied for rental purposes. 

Read the Rental Housing Ordinance
Sample Inspection Checklist
Find your Property ID and Zoning Class
Begin the Rental Registration Process 

Before Registering your Locations

Have the parcel IDs of your rental locations handy. Search Online

Your parcel/property number begins with 22-051 and can be found on a tax bill or property statement you receive each spring. You can also look up your property online to find that information.

Have the zoning class of your rental locations handy. Search Online

This information is on your annual property statement or you can look it up online.

Tax and Utility Bill Policy

Taxes and Utilities become liens on the property if left unpaid. Property owners should be aware that utility charges incurred at any location whether occupied by owner or other will become liens and property owners will ultimately be responsible for them. Contact the Utility Billing Department for more information at 906-774-8530.
City Code Sec. 66-113
Rental Code 8-6.52 (a,5)

Registration and Inspection Fee Policy

Inspection fee is collected at the time of registration.

Fees are non-refundable and are set by City Council each fiscal year. Current Fees (Council Minutes 8-25-08) Rental Code 8-6.59(e)

Zoning for Rental Locations

When purchasing or converting properties into "Rental Structures" please note the following Zoning Codes:
R1-Single Family - ONE apartment/unit per building. (Sec. 74-211)
R2-Two Family - TWO apartments/units per building. (Sec. 74-231)
R3-Multi-Family - Multiple apartments/units per building. (Sec.74-251)
B1-TWO apartments/units per building (same as R2) (Sec. 74-292)
B2-Multiple apartments/units other than street level i.e. upper levels only or as allowed per Sec. 74-312.