Various building projects require permits from the City of Iron Mountain. Below is a partial list of permits and links to related regulations.

Permit Fees

Fees may be paid by check or cash to:

City of Iron Mountain

501 S. Stephenson Ave.

Iron Mountain, MI  49801

For current prices view the City Fee Schedule.

Permit Forms

The following is a list of forms currently available for download: 

Fence Permit

Deck/Porch Permit

Shed/Garage Permit

Zoning Permit

Sign Permit

Excavation Permit Sidewalk Install/Repair

Excavation Permit Sewer/Water Lines

Land Division*

Parcel Combination Application*

Special Use*

Variance Permit Application*

*Some permits may require special procedures and/or public hearings before being approved.

Developers, project managers and property owners are encouraged to call and schedule a preliminary meeting with the Zoning Administrator to review the ordinance requirements and discuss any particular characteristics of the site, as well as review the procedure and time line for the approval of permits. At your initial meeting you will also be provided with any applicable applications for current grants and qualifying tax exemption status.

Garage/Rummage/Yard Sales

Just a reminder that while garage/yard sales do not require a permit they are still regulated by City Ordinance. Garage sales, rummage sales, yard sales and similar activities may be conducted for no longer than three days and no more than two times per calendar year on the same property.

Quick links to related municipal code information:

Fence regulations (Sec. 74-419. Fences, walls and screens)
Sign regulations (Chapter 74 ZONING - ARTICLE VI SIGNS)
Deck regulations (Sec. 74-423. Permitted yard encroachments #(2))
R-1 Residential building setbacks (Sec. 74-215. Site development standards)
R-2 Residential building setbacks (Sec. 74-235. Site development standards)
Other district setbacks can be found under Chapter 74 ZONING - ARTICLE III DISTRICT REGULATIONS.


The Zoning Board of Appeals treats each variance request individually and approves or denies each variance request on its own merits. Please note that fees are non-refundable regardless of outcome. In order for the Zoning Board of Appeals to consider a variance, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions: 

(1) Special conditions and circumstances exist such as exceptional narrowness, shallowness or shape, exceptional topographic conditions or other extraordinary situations which are peculiar to the land, structure or buildings involved and which are not generally applicable to other lands, structures or buildings in the same zoning district.

(2) That literal interpretation of the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance would deprive the applicant of property rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same zoning district.

(3) The condition or Situation of the piece of property, or the intended use of said property, for which the variance is sought, is not self-created and did not result from actions of the applicant, but is the result of unique circumstances to the property.

(4) Granting of the valiance requested will not be of substantial detriment to adjacent property, will not alter the essential character of the neighborhood, will not materially impair or damage the public interest or otherwise be detrimental to the general welfare of the City.

Help Locating Property Lines

The City does not employ a licensed surveyor. If you need to locate property lines you will need to call a local surveyor to help you.

The City can not offer recommendations for any of the listed businesses.