How Your Bill is Calculated

Each billing period your usage is recorded in cubic feet of water used.

Charges for drinking water and sewage are calculated in two parts.

The first is a flat charge referred to as the availability charge (codes FC & SC) which reflects the utility's cost to keep services available even if none are being used. This fixed fee is based upon your meter size.

The second part is referred to as the commodity charge (codes WA & SW) based upon the metered amount of water used. Sewage usage is charged based on the amount of water used.

Each location is charged a garbage fee of $10.10 bi-monthly. The fee is also an availability charge which reflects the cost to keep the service available even if no garbage is left out at that location. The City contracts with G.F.L. for garbage collection. All garbage collection questions can be answered by calling G.F.L. at (906) 774-9006.


The example below may not reflect actual current rates, it is for the purpose of displaying how the calculation is done and is for educational information.

Based on a typical residential 5/8" meter size

Water Usage

Cubic Feet X $29.80 per 1000 (residential)
Cubic Feet X $39.70 per 1000 (commercial)


Sewage Usage

Cubic Feet X $37.00 per 1000


Water Fixed Charge $31.90


Sewer Fixed Charge $15.40


Garbage Charge $10.10


A typical residential bill for 200 cubic feet of water used would be calculated as such:

Water 200 x 0.0298 = $5.96

Sewer 200 x 0.0370 = $7.40

Water Fixed Charge = $31.90

Sewer Fixed Charge = $15.40

Garbage Charge = $10.10

Total Bill: $57.40

Average bills will vary based on usage and meter size

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