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How Do I…?


The following is a list of things that are frequently asked how to do.  We welcome comments and suggestions regarding tasks that might be added to this shortcut list.

How Do I?...





Contact a City Department 

Contact a Council Member

View/Print My Tax and Property Information…

Taxes and Property Information Online

Print/view a copy of my Tax bill Information

Make Payments…


Pay your Taxes Online


Pay my Tax Bill


Find Due Dates…


Find out When Taxes Are Due

Find out When Water Bills are Due

Apply for a Permit…


Building Permits

Vendor/Selling Permits

Be Notified…


Receive Alerts on my Mobile Phone

Receive E-mail Notifications 

Use a Form Online To…


Report a Problem

More coming soon.



Other How Do I…


Browse Events Calendar 


Locate Code of Ordinances


View Frequently Asked Questions














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