Deer Hunt

Each year the City hosts a deer culling program to manage the deer population though the utilization of public and city property.  Interested returning hunters may apply to participate.  The selection of public spots is prioritized by deer being taken the previous year.  Priority is given to the prior year's hunters with successful harvests from August 28th until to Sept. 1st, prior year's hunters without successful harvests from September 2nd until September 8th, and all other hunters from September 8th forward.  If all public spots are filled hunters may still participate on private land of 5 acres or larger, with appropriate geography, and permission from the private landowners.

Deer tags are free to participants.  Hunters may receive as many tags as they can fill.  New tags will be issued after each kill.  Hunters may only have one unused tag at a time.  New hunters must first pass a one-time proficiency test at the time of application.  The test has a fee of $5.00.  Tag availability is determined by the number of active hunters and public or private spots available.  

There are three public areas with 12 total spots.  Maps of the public spots are shown below.  Detailed information about the hunt including how to use private property is available in the packet at the link below.  

How to register for the Hunt

  1. Download and complete the application.
  2. Go to Hardcore Outfitters to take a proficiency test (1616 N Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain, (906) 828-1034)
  3. Bring the completed application with $5.00 to City Hall

Online tag requests and harvest reporting!  

All tag requests and harvesting reports are processed through our website.  See the Online Reporting section below for more information.  


bat cave deer area for image Opens in new windowMillie hill deer area sign up map to image Opens in new windowPine Mountain deer area sign up map to image Opens in new window
Bat Cave Area
1 spot
(click here for larger map)

Millie Hill Area
8 spots
(click here for larger map)
Pine Mountain Area
4 spots
(click here for larger map)
13. Not Available1. Not Available
2. Not Available
3. Not Available
4. Not Available
5. Not Available
6. Not Available
7. Not Available
8. Not Available
 9.  Not Available
10. Not Available
11. Not Available
12. Not Available

*Map borders are approximate and not geographically accurate to property lines.  Hunters should inquire of private property owners to locate exact borders.


Download Information Packet and Application

Online Reporting

Click to access the harvest/tag request form or bookmark on your smartphone.