Medical Marihuana Facilities

The Iron Mountain City Council has approved amendments to the City Code of Ordinances regulating medical marihuana facilities and the selection of license applicants within the City of Iron Mountain.

Chapter 14, Article VII, Section 14-300, addresses the purpose, intent, relationship to other laws, City liabilities and indemnification of medical marihuana facilities.  The following legislation will be effective on July 4, 2019.

Link to Article VII Medical Marihuana Facilities

Chapter 74, Article IV, Section 74-432, addresses the establishment of certain types of medical marijuana facilities in the City of Iron Mountain and provides for the adoption of reasonable restrictions to protect the public health, safety, general welfare of the community at large, character of neighborhood and business districts and mitigation of potential impacts on surrounding properties and persons.  The following legislation will be effective on July 4, 2019.

Link to the Medical Marihuana Zoning Ordinance

Scoring Rubric

The scoring rubric is a tool that will be utilized by the City Council to evaluate applications for medical marihuana licenses.   Applications will be accepted until August 18, 2019, pursuant to Section 14-302, subsection C (3).    

Medical Marihuana Rubric


Applications are now available and can be requested by clicking the following link.  Click to request an Application.

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