Leak Detection


If you feel that your water bill is too high and you have not increased your day to day consumption, you may have a leak. Two of the most common leaks have to deal with faucets and toilets.

Toilet Leaks

If your toilet leaks, chances are, it is wasting enough water to keep a small creek flowing. Don't assume that your toilet doesn't leak because you can't hear it…a toilet has to leak 250 gallons (33 Cu Ft) a day before it can be heard.

Two quick checks can be made by completing the following steps:

  • Wait until your tank has filled and become quiet
  • Remove the lid from back of tank – look to see if the water level is below the overflow tube
    • If it is, proceed to next check
    • If it is at or over the tube – this is your problem, adjust the float
  • Next check: Drop a little red or blue food coloring into the tank and wait about 15 minutes.
  • If without flushing, the water in your toilet bowl changes color, you have a leak. (The seal needs to be replaced)

Faucet Leaks

A slow drip from a faucet can waste 15 gallons (2 Cu Ft) of water per day. Although that may seem a small number, but it can make a significant difference on your bill.

A 1/32" Leak dripping from a faucet wastes 25 gallons (3.33 CF) in a 24 hour period

A 1/16" Stream from a faucet wastes 100 gallons (13.33 CF) in a 24 hour period

A 1/8" Stream from a faucet wastes 400 gallons (53.33 CF) in a 24 hour period

Not only do you want to check your inside faucets, but the outside faucets also. Outside faucet leaks often go undetected because the water they waste soaks into the ground.

What To Do

If you have reason to suspect a leak, your meter furnishes you with an excellent checking device. To perform a leak test, turn off all the faucets and other water outlets and watch the meter. The low flow indicator – white triangle – is located in the center of the test hand or the –red triangle or circle – is located on the right side. (This depends on which model of a meter you have.) This indicator should not move when the water is not running. If it does-there is a leak.